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Uploaded Circulars / Files / Images
File Name Date Download Link
TDTTA POINT CHART PRO TT-2024.pdf2024-07-15 19:15:52Click to download
Schedule - 3rd Thane District TT Tournament-2024 (PACE TT Academy).pdf2024-07-15 19:13:31Click to download
4 Star Ranking TT Tournament -2024.pdf2024-07-11 23:35:05Click to download
Rules & Regulations for Interclub Table Tennis Tournament 2024-25.pdf2024-07-11 23:07:45Click to download
Guidelines for payment- 4 Star Tournament 2024 and Inter Club.pdf2024-07-11 22:41:12Click to download
TDTTA_Calender2425.doc2024-06-21 21:32:05Click to download
TDTTA_RULES___REGULATIONS_2425.doc2024-06-21 21:31:24Click to download
TDTTA_PRIZE_MONEY_CHART_2023-24.xls2024-06-21 21:30:23Click to download
ProTT 2nd Tournament Schedule.xls2024-06-13 20:54:30Click to download
TDTTA POINT CHART AFTER FR AGNEL-2024.pdf2024-06-11 20:09:51Click to download
SCHEDULE-1ST FR.AGNEL TT TOURNAMENT-2024.pdf2024-06-05 11:58:18Click to download
GROUP-1ST FR.AGNEL TT TOURNAMENT-2024.pdf2024-06-05 11:56:56Click to download
TDTTA_TEAM_23_revised.xlsx2023-11-01 11:45:55Click to download
Point Chart-Thane District Championship Table Tennis Tournament-2023 (CKP).pdf2023-10-27 20:03:26Click to download
Group-Thane District Table Tennis Championship - 2023-CKP.pdf2023-10-14 18:21:25Click to download
THANE_SCHEDULE.pdf2023-10-08 12:05:21Click to download
Point Chart 5thThane District Table Tennis Tournament-2023 (ASA).pdf2023-09-27 20:28:19Click to download
Thane_District_Chamiponship_2023.JPG2023-09-15 21:33:14Click to download
5th_TDTTA_Airoli_Tournament_2023.doc2023-08-15 19:16:39Click to download
TDTTA_Points_chart_2023.png2023-07-19 11:41:24Click to download
AKM2023GROUPS.pdf2023-07-13 11:43:16Click to download
KMM_2023.jpg2023-07-12 14:04:42Click to download
Elite_TT_23.png2023-07-05 13:10:48Click to download
AKM_23.png2023-07-05 13:10:23Click to download
PRIZE_MONEY_CHART_2023-24.xls2023-07-05 13:09:42Click to download
Rules___regulations_2023-24.doc2023-07-05 13:08:24Click to download
TOURNAMENT_CALENDER_2023-24..doc2023-07-05 13:06:28Click to download
Inter Club (Revised - 2) Team Draw JSW 2023.pdf2023-07-04 21:15:52Click to download
Inter Club (Revised) Schedule JSW 2023.pdf2023-07-04 13:03:01Click to download
Inter Club (Revised) Player List JSW 2023.pdf2023-07-04 13:01:04Click to download
Consent_Form_-_Players__1_.pdf2021-01-08 18:17:45Click to download
Instructions_to_players__1_.pdf2021-01-08 18:17:27Click to download
Revised_Regional_Schedule_2.xls2021-01-07 17:20:12Click to download
PRIZE_MONEY_CHART_2019.xls2019-06-16 18:06:50Click to download
TDTTA_BUDGET_2019..xls2019-06-16 18:06:37Click to download
Rules___regulations_2019-20.doc2019-06-16 18:06:17Click to download
TDTTA_Meeting_2019_20.jpg2019-05-29 13:27:10Click to download
No of entries from Maharashtra for Nationals.JPG2018-07-01 20:10:53Click to download
PRIZE_MONEY_CHART_DISTRICT_RANKING_2018-19.xls2018-05-24 14:44:46Click to download
Rules___regulations_2018-19_doc.doc2018-05-24 14:44:29Click to download
SELECTION_CRITERIA_2018-19.doc2018-05-24 14:44:08Click to download
TOURNAMENT_CALENDAR_2018-19.doc2018-05-24 14:43:47Click to download
3rd_Thane_District_Officers_SubJr_MainDraw_Players_2017.PNG2017-07-11 22:57:43Click to download
1st_Thane_District_2017_Sub_Jr_Boys_Main_Draw.png2017-06-06 19:48:41Click to download
PRIZE_MONEY_CHART_DISTRICT_RANKING_2017-18.xls2017-06-03 21:05:44Click to download
PRIZE_MONEY_CHART_INTER_CLUB_2017-18.xls2017-06-03 21:05:20Click to download
PRIZE_MONEY_CHART_DISTRICT_CHAMPIONSHIPS_2017-18.xls2017-06-03 21:05:08Click to download
Rules___regulations_2017-2018.doc2017-06-03 21:04:53Click to download
Rules___regulations_Inter_club_leauge_team_champ_2017-2018doc.doc2017-06-03 21:04:38Click to download
MAYOR CUP Dec_2016 SCHEDULE.xls2016-11-28 18:27:16Click to download
Circular Zonals 2016..doc2016-08-21 13:30:43Click to download
District Ranking Vasant Vihar Club Thane 2016.doc2016-07-07 17:46:26Click to download
State ranking JUHU GYM 2016.doc2016-07-06 19:08:10Click to download
circular 2nd District Ranking 2016.doc2016-06-25 12:39:13Click to download
circular Inter Institution 2016.doc2016-06-21 12:49:19Click to download
Players_eligibility_Form_Youth_Junior_Sub_Junior_Cadet_2016.pdf2016-06-02 16:09:52Click to download
Players_eligibility_Form_Seniors_2016.pdf2016-06-02 16:09:36Click to download
Regarding Registarion of players TTFI.pdf2016-06-02 13:16:09Click to download
Entry Namo Namo TT 2016.pdf2016-05-30 17:50:03Click to download
1ST THANE DISTRCT RANKING TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT.xls2016-05-26 16:03:05Click to download
North Zone 2016 .. Schedule.doc2016-05-24 13:48:12Click to download
circular Dated 18.05.2016.doc2016-05-18 12:24:18Click to download
ORDER OF PLAY Inter club leauge team champ 2016-2017.doc2016-05-16 11:34:23Click to download
Rules & regulations Inter club leauge team champ 2016-2017.doc2016-05-16 11:34:06Click to download
Rules & regulations 2016-2017..doc2016-05-09 11:16:41Click to download
CUT OFF DATES 2016..doc2016-05-09 11:16:24Click to download
PRIZE_MONEY__TROPHIES__2016-17.xls2016-05-09 11:15:54Click to download
PRIZE MONEY INTERCLUB LEAUGE 2016-17.xls2016-05-07 12:11:03Click to download
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